Smith-Johnston’s Casa Plumbing
Serving El Paso for 94 years

Smith Plumbing Company was established in 1924 by Mr. E. C. Smith who operated the business into the 1950’s. Robert Johnston acquired ownership in 1962. Mr. Johnston added his name and Smith-Johnston Plumbing and Heating Co. operated as such, incorporating in 1977. Bob Johnston continued to run the operation until his death in 2002.

Emanuel Zimmerman, having worked in the plumbing and air conditioning field for many years started a business of his own in 1972. He named the company Casa Plumbing. Manny, as he was known, taught his sons Mark and Lee the business. In spite of illness, he remained active in the operations until his death in 2002. At that time, Zimmerman family members bought Smith-Johnston Plumbing, and merged these two highly respected companies. In order to preserve the rich heritages and loyal client bases, the name Smith-Johnston’s Casa Plumbing was adopted.

Under the Zimmerman brother's leadership, Smith-Johnston’s Casa Plumbing has expanded into the fields of plumbing remodeling and renovations, as well as refrigeration services. The Zimmermans attribute much of the success to the dedication of key employees. The tradition of commitment to quality remains steadfast. Smith-Johnston’s Casa Plumbing contributes services and resources to various charities, with a particular interest in organizations that benefit children.